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Environmental Sustainability Programme

Organisations that have placed sustainability at the heart of their business through an effective programme of change will compete in this category.

Environmental Sustainability Programme - Large Enterprise

Sustainable Business Model

The most effective business models built on sustainability are “future ready” and thrive in a sustainable society. This category celebrates the models that enjoy commercial success while remaining true to eco-principles.

Sustainability Reporting

New for 2021, this category rewards best practice among companies communicating their performance and impact regarding sustainable practices as part of a long-term management strategy.

Reaction to Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to realign their sustainability and CSR strategy as the way we do business changed. This category is for organisations that have risen to this challenge with innovation and a commitment to maintaining green credentials or helping the society during the crisis.

Best Sustainability Education or Awareness Programme

Companies are educating employees and their wider communities on sustainability issues as the topic becomes increasingly central to success. This category celebrates the very best programmes initiated by forward-thinking firms.

Best Community Development

Sustainable communities flourish when guided by unifying principles towards a common goal. Companies play their part in this growth with vital input, and we honour those with innovative initiatives in this category.

Innovation in Sustainable Technologies

Never has potential in sustainable technology promised so much as it does today. This is an era of innovation, and this category will showcase the cutting-edge tech utilised by MENA companies.

Innovation in Sustainable Technologies - Large Enterprise

Learning and Education Programmes

For firms that deliver exemplary education programmes within their localities and further afield. This award celebrates the incredible work of organisations giving back to the communities in which they thrive.

Water or Waste Management

Water conservation is a crucial component of any MENA organisation’s sustainability programme, along with wider waste management. This category is for firms leading the way in saving essential resources and reducing waste.

Green Building

Innovation in architecture and design of buildings has led to reduced carbon footprints throughout the Gulf. Here, we recognise the outstanding structures that symbolise sustainable futures.

Best CSR Initiative

New for 2021, this category focuses on the corporate social responsibility practices of firms and their roadmaps to success in the field. The most innovative initiatives from the past year will come before judges.

Best Workplace and HR Practices

The sustainable ethos should permeate a business from top to bottom. In this category, we will reward best practice in maintaining a green culture among employees, for their benefit and that of the wider organisation.

Sustainability Team of the Year

Sustainability success requires teamwork, and this award will go to the organisation with the most active team committed to their eco goals.

Sustainability Professional of the Year

An award for outstanding success in the sector by an individual. This will be one of the most competitive categories at this year’s event, with the winner earning sustainability’s most sought-after solo title in the Gulf.

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